The Next Generation Mac performance tool

Requires macOS 10.15 Catalina or later.
Status bar Monitor feature requires macOS Big Sur 11.3 or later.

The worlds most advanced Mac system monitor.

Introducing Sensei Monitor, a brand new way to monitor your Mac performance. Featuring a state-of-the-art realtime statistics engine, stunning modern design and a powerful editor, it’s never been easier to monitor every aspect of your Mac.

Powerful Statistics

Sensei Monitor is the culmination of over a decade of Mac systems research. Featuring a broad range of powerful metrics ranging from software to hardware, it is built to give powerful insights into the performance of any modern Intel or Apple Silicon Mac.

Stunning Design

From the status items to the panel, Sensei Monitor is meticulously hand-crafted to fit perfectly in with modern macOS. But we didn’t stop there. Monitor also supports themes and custom styling, so you can personalise the appearance to fit your style.

Amazing Performance

Sensei Monitor is built with cutting-edge technology, and optimized for modern Macs. It uses up to 50% less CPU resources than other status bar monitoring apps.

Powerful tools for perfecting your hardware monitoring.

The Sensei Monitor editor gives you complete control over your monitoring experience. Add or customize widgets that appear in the status bar or dropdown panel, and create brand new panels with your own design and tracking.
Performance Dashboard
Detailed Battery Reporter
Disk Cleaner
Thermal Dashboard
Theme Support
App Uninstaller
Detailed Hardware Information
Temperature Monitor
GPU Monitor
Performance Optimized
CPU Monitor
Bespoke Design
RAM Monitor
Detailed Display Reporter
HDD/SSD S.M.A.R.T Reporter
100% Native Code
Fan Control
Detailed GPU/eGPU Reporter
SSD Trim Enabler
Accent Color Support
Disk Health Analyzer
Disk Benchmark
Battery Health Analyzer
Multiple Localizations
Disk Monitor
Dark Mode
Startup Speed Optimizer
Partition Map Explorer
GPU Firmware Exporter

A Pro Mac Cleaner
for the everyday user

The blazing fast Clean feature in Sensei will help you find and delete unnecessary files that are taking up your storage space, freeing up gigabytes of storage without touching your personal files.

Advanced Storage Features

Sensei offers a wide range of different features to help you to monitor, optimize, and learn more about your storage.

Storage Overview

Learn more about your storage using the Storage Overview. In the overview, you can see all connected disk drives, and view detailed information about them and their relationship to other storage units.

Using the Partition Map Explorer, you can also navigate the partitions of individual disks.

Measure Your Performance

Use the Disk Benchmark feature to quickly measure the reading and writing speed of your drive. Supporting both internal, external Hard or Solid State Drives.

Powerful Disk Health Analysis

The Disk Health Report feature leverages S.M.A.R.T variable analysis to gauge the current state of your drive, and estimates its remaining life time.

Realtime I/O Statistics

The Statistics feature displays all the available I/O statistics for your drive, allowing you to monitor your storage performance in realtime.

The #1 SSD Performance Enhancer

Enhance performance and longevity of your SSD with the flip of a switch. Trim Enabler in Sensei is our latest version of the worlds most popular SSD utility for Mac.

Uninstall Apps With Ease

The intelligent Uninstaller feature will find any apps hiding on Mac and help you uninstall them properly, leaving no helper tools or other leftover files behind.

Powerful Hardware Utilities

Learn more about your Macs internals and monitor their status and health with the powerful hardware utilities in Sensei.

Thermal Dashboard

Get a complete overview of all the thermal sensors in your Mac with the Thermal Dashboard. Monitor your fan speed and temperature in realtime and identify faulty sensors.

Fan Control feature coming in Q1.

Reveal Your Battery Health

The battery is one of the first parts to fail in modern portable Macs. The Battery feature allows you to view the complete specifications of your internal battery, and analyse its current health status. So you can stay on top of your Macs health, and maximise its longevity.

Advanced GPU Viewer

The Graphics feature is the first GPU viewer for macOS. Learn more about the specifications of your internal or external GPU, and monitor its performance in realtime.

Optimize Your Mac

The Optimizer feature will help you speed up your Macs performance and boot speed, by offering a simple and easy way to manage your Macs startup items - even ones that are usually hidden from you.

Sensei vs Others

Sensei is a multi-tool for Mac performance, with features spanning across both hardware and software. Here's how it compares to some of the other apps you may be familiar with.


iStat Menus

CleanMyMac X


Mac Performance Dashboard
Detailed Mac Information
Storage Health Analyzer
HDD/SSD S.M.A.R.T Report
Storage Benchmark
Storage Statistics
Partition Map Explorer
SSD Trim Enabler
Temperature Monitor
Advanced CPU/RAM/GPU Monitor
Battery Health Report
Detailed Battery Information
GPU Statistics
Detailed GPU/eGPU Information
Detailed Display Information
Startup Speed Optimizer
App Uninstaller
Disk Cleaner
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